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Loom is a modular generative music platform for Ableton Live.


UPDATE: Learn about the latest version of Loom at This post refers to a pre-alpha version.

Over the past year of generative music experiments in performances and installations, I’ve been chipping away at a homebrew, Ruby-based platform for Ableton Live which I call Loom—named for the textile pattern-generating ancestor of the computer. In hopes of getting more ears on it, I’ve recently distilled it all down to a lean and modular (albeit very alpha) core, and published the source on GitHub, where you’ll also find a slightly more technical introduction than the pontificating, hyperlinking, and screencasting below.

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Last spring I was approached by the always-awesome Tellart to consult on a fairly unique generative music street installation, to be deployed in lower Manhattan for Parsons The New School for Design. There was going to be a long wall on 5th Ave rigged with cameras and sensors of all sorts, data visualization on the website, and a 24/7 streaming soundtrack. The only question was: what will it sound like?

UPDATE: new, official video from mono!

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