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I spent the better part of last year on a massively ambitious hybrid of a website and museum exhibit conceived by the brilliant Tellart for Google Creative Lab: the Chrome Web Lab, a series of five “experiments” in meshing physical and digital space. My focus was the Universal Orchestra, a mechanical musical ensemble of eight custom-fabricated percussion instruments, playable in open collaboration by museum and online visitors alike. The yearlong exhibit is still up at the Science Museum, London through July 2013, and has earned some very gratifying accolades, most recently winning in the Experimental category at the SXSW Interactive Awards (last night!). But whether or not you’re able to immerse yourself in the live acoustic experience, you can play anytime online—and take part in a 24/7 crowdsourced composition.

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UPDATE: Since this post, the project has advanced, and has been renamed Patter. Please come play!

Over the past year of generative music experiments in performances and installations, I’ve been chipping away at a homebrew, Ruby-based platform for Ableton Live which I call Loom—named for the textile pattern-generating ancestor of the computer. In hopes of getting more ears on it, I’ve recently distilled it all down to a lean and modular (albeit very alpha) core, and published the source on GitHub, where you’ll also find a slightly more technical introduction than the pontificating, hyperlinking, and screencasting below.

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Sound installation for brass slide on guitar strings with computer processing; activated by Arduino, servo, found wood, and a lot of fishing wire.

Shown at the Wave Cave at CalArts, spring 2011.

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Last spring I was approached by the always-awesome Tellart to consult on a fairly unique generative music street installation, to be deployed in lower Manhattan for Parsons The New School for Design. There was going to be a long wall on 5th Ave rigged with cameras and sensors of all sorts, data visualization on the website, and a 24/7 streaming soundtrack. The only question was: what will it sound like?

UPDATE: new, official video from mono!

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