I visualize data in two and three dimensions at Pitch Interactive in Oakland, CA.

I created a generative music device called Patter that you can buy for Ableton Live.

I advise the digital publishing activities of Triple Canopy, and in 2013 architected an authoring & presentation platform called Alongslide.

I once worked on net-enabled robotic musical instruments for the Google Chrome Web Lab (which earned a South by Southwest Interactive award), and I used to run a social remix site called Rebakery.

The layout-on-demand system I built for e-flux traveled to the 2015 Venice Biennale, and I worked on a site for MoMA, too.

I've worked for a journalism nonprofit, a music technology startup, a manufacturing facility, games and education...

Before that, I studied experimental sound at CalArts.

Way before that even, I interned at Cycling '74.